Is IAS Your Dream?                    

Many of you are very serious to crack Civil Services Exam and want to become an IAS/IPS officer. Though this is a very easy exam, many aspirants do not believe in this because most of us have heard from our childhood that, this is one of the toughest exams of our country. If one can understand the Nature of the exam and can catch the nerve of the paper-setter, clearing this exam is just a cakewalk.

Are you Serious to Crack UPSC - CSE?

Most of the aspirants spend all their valuable time during preparation in reading standard books and various common resources (like Newspaper, magazines etc.) available in the market. Not even 1% of the aspirants try to understand the nature of the exam and hence try to build the qualities of an IAS officer. Unfortunately, there is no such resource available in the market.

Aasaan IAS can help you fulfil your Dream!

Aasaan IAS has taken up this task of transforming IAS aspirants into IAS officers by enhancing their thought process, changing their way of learning and making them understand the requirements of UPSC selection panel.



Highlights of Aasaan IAS Courses

The Surest way to clear UPSC - CSE

All courses are designed keeping in mind, the Nature of the Exam.  The focus is on Understanding of the concept rather than rote learning. The concepts are well structured in an organised manner to make your preparation simple and easy to handle. Summary of each concept is also provided for quick revision.

Imaginative Visual Approach!

Aasaan IAS has pioneered the unique Imaginative Visual Approach which makes preparation up to ten times faster and easier. It is a novel concept which makes the student visualize the situation immediately. When understood in this manner, the concept gets embedded in the memory of the student and he/she will be able to answer a question in a broader sense using commonsense not memory. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”       - Albert Einstein

Understand the Mindset of the paper-Setter!

Most of the IAS aspirants have desire to become an IAS officer. So they work hard day & night, read many books and gain so much of knowledge. it is a good thing but not sufficient to become an IAS officer. You can understand the fact, "Just dressing like a king, one can not become a king". Similarly without changing the basic nature of your thought process, just covering yourself with the knowledge which is borrowed from books and other sources is not  the surest way to be successful in this race. We at Aasaan IAS, focus on understanding the mindset of the paper setter and analyzing what is expected from an ideal candidate. The entire program is designed based on this key approach.One should improve one’s interpretation, analyzing, comprehending and observational skills. Aasaan IAS works exactly on this.”

Learn the way of Learning!

The old age days of rote learning have gone! Most of the present day competitive exams are based on understanding ability and commonsense. Though the syllabus is same for all aspirants, some aspirants feel that the exam easy where as others struggle to clear it. It is not just based on hard work. The way of understanding the concepts plays a major role in clearing reputed competitive exams like Civil Services. We at Aasaan IAS, Understand this fact and developed concepts based on such learning method which the paper setter is expecting from the Candidate.

Unparalleled Insights and Focus on Strategy!

Through in depth analysis of the previous year papers, we have developed insights that are unique to each exam and are the key in cracking them. Every exam has a different flavor and requires different strategy to crack. Eg. Civil Services Exam and CAPF are both conducted by UPSC but require entirely different approaches to crack. Success in a competitive exam is 50 percent preparation and 50 percent strategy. Thus we play equal emphasis on strategy which sadly is neglected by most of the aspirants.





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